Final tray construction

[caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Tray construction Tray construction.[/caption] The process of constructing a tray takes some time because attention is required to keep everything square.  The first step is to glue the sides, no nails are used as the finger joints are tight.  Four large clamps are need as well as a large set square. Once the sides are dry the base is carefully placed, glued and nailed with a nail gun to the sides. A spacer is used to accurately set the sides with respect to the base. Once the glue is dry the "PilgrimWaters" logo is stamped on the base and the whole tray lightly sanded before applying a final coat of semi-gloss varnish. A custom box gets made because it's a large item!  This take a while - perhaps in the future we can get some custom boxes made. Done!  100% made in the USA. Ship it! [caption id="attachment_200" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Completed trays Completed trays in four color ways.[/caption]

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