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New booth design 2016

We have been busy designing a new booth. Our scarves are tricky to display. The designs are wonderful and they need to be seen open. We are doing this in our garage space - which is filled by the booth - tomorrow we hope to take some quality pics. This means opening the garage doors and based on the weather forecast it might be a bit windy - not good for scarf hanging! We will see.

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NYNow Booth 9126 designer maker North Hall

NYNow Booth 9120 PilgrimWaters We will be @NYNow show Booth 9120 Handmade Designer Maker this week Aug 15-18th! This is our second trade show - so if you are there do come by and say "Hello". This season we have a new Seafood tray printing, a shelf called Shelfie and carry canvas called Hello Darhling. See you there!

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Booth 9126 @NYNow

NYNow Booth 9120 PilgrimWaters This year we will be at the NYNow show at Booth 9120 Handmade Designer Maker. This is our first trade show, so if you are there - do come by and say "Hello". Yesterday we setup a photoshoot for the scarves and trays - the light was great. We are lucky to have a large white wall which doubles as a photo screen and the light in the mid-morning provides a soft, but well-lit environment to take these pics... 

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