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News from PilgrimWaters Studio!  

We have created a tray stand for our popular oversized wooden trays. In response to customers who wanted to use the tray as a small table. Over the past few weeks we have been designing, prototyping and testing.



For this project our goal was to create a compact, folding stand able to function at different heights. The first design worked fine on screen/paper with a rotating hinge and material strapping.  

However, as you can see below, version 1 was rather flexible and looked a bit skinny. The straps also prevented the tray stand from folding away flat which was a key feature we wanted to maintain. So back to the drawing board. 



The rotating hinge was also a slight design flaw because it wasn't robust and added another expense to the finished product.  Simplicity was key and we wanted more functionality than just a single height.  Ideas from small furniture and laser cut ply suggested that components might be the way to go. So a two part slide together design came to mind. 



This was a design improvement we liked so it was time to make another prototype version 2. Now we were getting somewhere! Next was the material usage which was a bit high, i.e., the width of the ply could be skinned down to save in weight height and material usage. Only when version 2 was finish was it clear that there were mechanical and structural weaknesses on one side.  This was solved by adding an additional cross brace. 



Version 4 and 5 were about the same.  Two heights would be good and perhaps it could fit inside the tray as a design functionality? So here's the tray stand fitting in the tray.



Well, because it could fit inside the tray then it could also lay horizontally at the second height. Bingo! We have arrived at prototype version 5.



Of course it works the other way up as well - done.  The prototype was finished which brings us to the top image of the finished prototype. 




Here's the final version upright. Each surface is glued and connected using hidden dowel-pins and biscuit joints.



So there you have it, a finished prototype ready for production! All we need to do is figure out the finish and work out a price. Should the stand be stained the same as the tray? What about the edges and finish? Take a look at the tray color variations and let us know! 


The trays are available now in the store and the stand will be in the store in a few weeks (end of March). If you are interested in the stand drop us a note.  We would love to hear from you, especially if you are an existing tray owner!



Finally, here's a small video on how to put the tray stand together - enjoy!


-Keith and Susy 


  • Lyn McCoy

    I am so excited to know a beautiful stand for those beautiful trays is imminent! Could you make them in black, red, blue and natural? I love your video Keith.

  • Susan

    Brilliant stand. Keith demos its versatility with a flourish!

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