Caffe Nero

A few weeks ago I received a call from an English "bloke" who asked if I could paint black boards. Not knowing the meaning of the word "No" when it comes to work - I said "Yes, of course!"


The next day Richard popped over for coffee and told me about the project in-hand.  A European coffee house was breaking into the American market needing hand-drawn black boards.  I showed him my prior work and after a bit-of-this-and-that I was hired!  Btw the opportunity came generously from Cathy Greve - who makes all the fab Flour boards and decided to pass on this particular assignment to me.  Richard and I shook hands and I began. 


I had no real idea of the scale or the technique (see test board). Were they to be done horizontally with wet drippy paint, or vertically with dry chalk boards markers?  In the end it was everything.  I worked on site where everything was very much in process.  I was very well assisted and helped by Richard (the international executive designer) who just made everything so jolly-plum-good.  Editing, spelling checking, eraser-in-chief and even patient planner!


The boards were well primed with black paint. The interesting decisions were where the boards were going to be placed, as well as translating English prices and menu items to the American market. The owner and founder of caffe Nero, Jerry and his brother Michael, were on-site processing the prices and adjusting them many times!  In the end the boards became well-loved.  It turns out chalk board paint and markers are highly variable in their permanence.


Also full admission - I don't often see my spelling mistakes ; ) I warn clients - they have to check my spelling.  I see pictures not words and I am a wee-bit dyslexic.


It was so fun and great to be with fellow Brits, Americans and sassy Italians who where brought over to impart coffee knowledge. The whole experience was intoxicating!



Finished and before..
If you get a change to drop in the caffe is at 560 Washington St, Boston.  Drop us a note to let us know what you think!


  • Bitsy

    You are very talented & creative! Great partnering!

  • Julia

    They look wonderful. Unmistakably SPW! I miss you.

  • Emily

    What a surprise (NOT) – Everything positively GORGEOUS, thanks to SPW! Graphics, lettering sublime.

  • Jeanine Brennan

    Susy, I want to order everything on that fun menu! Especially Strawberry Faise (whatever it is) :)

  • sarah forrester

    clever girl

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