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Dresses | silk cotton

Our limited edition dresses are in essence the simplest of shapes. The luxury fabric is hand-printed with our large scale designs just like our scarves.  The perfect dress. It can be worn with leggings, denim, lively skirts, bare-legged, with linen pants or wooly tights - endless possibilities.  Available with 3/4 sleeves or none at all.  Either way, the modest drape flatters, and the soft fabric nestles.

Guess what? Check out our beautiful custom chemise for wearing underneath!

Details 70% cotton 30% silk, 55 grams in a plain weave. A blend of natural fibers with an urban silk sheen.  As each fabric is hand-printed by artisans with their own unique characteristics and print anomalies.  Recommended gentle wash and air dry. 

Size 1 Size 2

3/4 Sleeve dress

A = 52"
B = 41"
C = 24"
A = 52"
B = 41"
C = 32"

Without sleeves

A = 24"
B = 41"
A = 32"
B = 41"

Size 1 Fits many, between American/Euro sizes 4-14.

Size 2 Fits most, between American/Euro sizes 8-18.

 Design With or without sleeves

Front                          Back

Sari with sleeves

Front                   Back

Sari without sleeves

Front                        Back

Raven with sleeves

Front                       Back

Raven without sleeves

Front                           Back

Trade with sleeves

Front                            Back

Trade without sleeves
                                                                              Front                            Back
Scout Inky with sleeves
Select design
Select size
Select with, or without sleeves


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