Sewing kit

Susy LOVES hand sewing. We are hoping this wee sewing kit inspires you to  explore free form hand stitching, color and design with basic running stitch AND gentle focus. No RULES! You Do You.

Susy suggests fraying the edge, sewing in what ever way you want.  It will take time. Part meditation, part fun.  Her own sample is a work on progress!  We hope in time you will share what you create as you embroider, up and down, inside and outside the print, adding in your own unique touches.

We are thrilled that the kit contains a pair of beautiful Studio Carta piccole scissors. These scissors in the elegant box make the kit portable and easy to take with you anywhere. Thank you to our dear friend Angela for collaborating with us on this project.

 Qty Materials
1 pc 22' x 22" 100% cotton voile Pods design square
1 pc
Studio Carta - le piccole scissors
1 pc Needle  1 Studio Carta glass top pin
4 pcs

Embroidery Threads

1 pc
Simple suggestion/instruction card
Color ways
Finch green
Pigeon gray
Robin red
Cardinal coral


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