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Cashmere & merino | Until scarf

Until is a rhythmic jazzy design inspired by a leafy unknown plant in my garden which had long thorns on the stems and beautifully spaced rounded foliage. Melodic leaves and blooms on heavenly soft luxurious cashmere blended with merino.

These limited run season-less scarves are perfect for cool summer evenings adding warmth and a stylish layer for your neck and shoulders, either over or under a coat in the cooler months.  Our scarves are ideal for summertime weddings.

Individually handwoven and hand silk screened in Kathmandu Nepal our scarves are wonderfully soft and warm to the touch. The fine weave allows the color to show through both sides. A cloud against your skin. Our scarves are 60% cashmere and 40% merino wool carefully blended to be wonderfully soft to the touch.

Color options  
scarf cirrus cirrus
scarf poppy poppy
scarf nero nero
scarf peat peat
scarf willow willow
scarf cornflower cornflower

 Details 80" L  x  28" W  (203 cm x 71 cm) printed on either a 60% cashmere 40% merino blend, or 100% merino. Each collection will have its own character and unique characteristics.  We suggested care is dry clean only.

select colorway & material
cirrus merino
nimbus merino
nimbus 60/40
willow merino
peat merino
peat 60/40
cornflower merino
cornflower 60/40
poppy merino
nero merino

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