Our process

Susy and Keith were both trained in art and design and have their own individual approach when creating concepts,  prototypes and products.  Together their combined techniques create practical, eye-catching pieces informed by a modern handcrafted aesthetic. 

Practical and functional concepts for everyday living focuses our attention on how they can be used in everyday living situations. In essence design for more that a single function. For example our trays started as a combination of Susy's surface designs and Keith's construction skills. The addition of a simple hook transforms a tray into a piece of artwork that can hang on your wall.

Susy's creative sensibility allows her to see things in ways an untrained eye cannot.  Color, shape and form constantly play off each other on large textiles and onto surface designs that Keith also uses on furniture.  Our boulder shape for example, is seen in Susy's textile designs, in steel hooks and our logo. Our shape is compelling and works well at a range of scales from the smallest icon to the largest textile print. 

We are inspired by a variety of artist and designers. On the practical side there are the well respected designers such as Charles and Ray Eames and Robin and Lucienne Day.  Their creative sprits provided new insights in to everyday living. Inspiration also comes from artist such by Barbara Hepworth and Mark Rothko for their scale and understanding of space.  Obviously, we are constantly on the move and seeing things from a more current perspective. We appreciate great architecture, in particular modern midcentury contemporary structures which allows materials to shine but not at the expense of their natural surroundings.