Tray stand | large maple handmade USA

Designed exclusively for your tray our stand can be used in four configurations - low/high to accommodate the tray either upside or downside - to suit your needs. When you are ready to put it away, simply un-slot the two sides and place them snuggly inside the tray and hang on your wall using our custom hook.

When space is of a premium - you need to put your furniture to work.  The tray has two heights 24" and 16". Ideal as an extra side table, coffee table, or an additional surface for parties outside to fit your needs.  With the tray placed inverted on the stand a piece of art is revealed, while in its standard orientation it becomes a versatile tray.  An ideal addition for a small space or apartment living.

Delivery time varies depending on stock availability.

 maple stand pieces 2 piece maple

 - Made by PilgrimWaters in Boston USA
 - Maple hardwood
 -16 1/2" W  X 28 3/4" H  X 3/4" D
 - Weight 6.85 lbs
 - Coated with a protective satin finish
 - Clean with a damp cloth

 Details on tray stand assembly.

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