May 2018

Safe shopping on PilgrimWaters

PilgrimWaters is a wee growing company selling online retail as well as to wholesale customers.  In a dynamic online world, we have our antenna-up staying in-touch with online security issues.  We strive hard to ensure you have a safe shopping experience with us. 

In this context we are aware of the European General Data Protection Regulation.  We see this as a positive regulation and are proactively embracing the policies even though we sell primarily to US customers from the United States.  We want to be as clear and as transparent as possible on how we handle your data. 


Your Privacy

We respect privacy and your rights to control your personal data. We do not share or sell data we collect from you.  We do use data to provide access to the products and services we offer.  For example emails about new products and security updates.

If you sign-up with us from our website as of May 20th 2018 you have granular options of how you would like to be contacted. This alines with GDPR policies.


Transaction Security

PilgrimWaters is secure. We take personal data and payment information seriously. We also ensure that all web interactions through our online store are secured using HTTPS which means that transactions between your browser and our website are encrypted.

When you buy from us your payment information via credit cards and online services are secured though a reliable third party payment gateway to ensure safe and secure transactions.  As a result we do not have access to your credit card number and associated credentials.  All such organizations are under strict obligation to keep your personal information private and we do not, under any circumstance, store your financial data.


Voluntarily data we collect

We collect information you voluntarily provide to us, such as your name and email address so that you can stay informed about PilgrimWaters.  We currently use the information you provide to:

  • Email offers and newsletter updates
  • Customer support
  • Security update communication

Over time this may change.  We will keep you informed about how we use your data. Within GDPR you have to be provided options on how you would like to be kept in-touch.  At PilgrimWaters we see this as an improvement because we want to contact with you for the right reasons.


General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR aims to protect the “personal data” of European (EU) citizens – including how the data is collected, stored and processed. Personal data means information relating to an identified or identifiable individual such as a name, an ID number, location data, or online identifier. This even includes IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, cookie strings, social media posts, online contacts and mobile device IDs.

At PilgrimWaters we take your data seriously and while the United States does not have a similar regulation, we believe GDPR is a good thing for our customers and are therefore proactively including data protections. 


Storage and retention of personal information

We do store information on servers hosting our website as well as through MailChimp for as long as we see it necessary to enable you to use our website and provide services to you as well as resolve any disputes that may arise. If you have questions about specific duration of retention of personal information we process please contact us.  


Contact us

If you are our customer and would like more information please contact us via email:  info@pilgrimwaters.com