At PilgrimWaters we proudly focus on a modern handmade aesthetic. We work closely with manufactures in Nepal and India as well as manufacturing everything ourselves in South Boston Massachusetts USA. Our design sensibility is grounded in strong, functional designs.


We confirmed our heartfelt wish that the textiles we create in Nepal and India really do sustain the hardworking and dedicated artisans. The intense production steps are just jaw-dropping. Every stage from warping, weaving, printing and finishing is all under one roof in Nepal. We hope to provide more jobs for these talented artisans!Here we are creating, exposing and preparing new screens for printing in Nepal. In this image the artwork had been cleaned up too much - so five of us set about filing in and fixing the film.

The finest cashmere thread from those very particular Changthangi goats. Precisely how the individual yarns are blended to give a certain look and feel is astonishing.

Warping the threads and wefting (pic below). We specify the blends ranging from 100% cashmere to a 60% cashmere and 40% merino wool to 100% merino. It was an instinctive yes to a 100% cashmere count of yarn 1/28 for our large Hooli throw.The very time consuming process of setting the yarn in preparation for weaving on the loom.Preparing the 100" screen for printing.

The printing step requires two printers with one squeegee. The size of our screens is rare and requires skill to print at this scale.

Print one of two colors.

Inspecting the results.


Our trays are made by Keith in South Boston. All the materials are carefully milled from wood stock, painted and printed in our workshop.

We carefully select prime wood stock for the trays, paying particular attention to the grain and color, that's integral to the trays. The stock is then cut to length and milled for the handle openings and the box joints.
Large silkscreens with the exposed print image are prepared for ink. Each piece of wood is carefully placed on the table and printed. The sides can be printed four at a time.
We buy our own wood stock, cut and mill the wood, create designs for silkscreens, mix inks, use squeegees to print, sand and finish our trays with our own hands.  Our tea towels are designed by us and printed in Massachusetts.  Our scarves are hand woven in Nepal and screen printed by hand. We proudly to say our products are handmade.
With all the pieces printed they are spray finished with a polyurethane satin finish. Clamps are used to secure the sides together while the glue sets. Once dry the base are firmly attached with a nail gun. A final light sand is applied to take-off any rough edges.  Watch the YouTube video by The Grommet for more details.

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