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Mini square scarf | cotton silk

A jaunty, snazzy sophisticated mini square.  A headscarf, a bandana, a neckerchief, a hair tie, a pocket square, or simply a gift that is easy to mail.

Endlessly versatile. An all-season, all-occasion elegant mini scarf. 

Up-cycled saris are carefully selected for the edging adding a soft zing of color and structure. As these are up-cycled color variation is to be expected. Hand-made with love. 

NOTE: The pattern on  Dash and Raven are unique because each piece is cut from different sections of a larger placement print. As a result, each piece will have a unique part of the print. There is a small price variation depending on the sari edge. 

Details: 21 in x 21 in, 70% cotton 30% silk, 55 grams plain weave. A blend of natural fibers with an urban silk sheen.  As each fabric is hand-printed by artisans, they will own unique characteristics and print anomalies.  Recommended gentle hand wash and air dry. 

 Name Design Edge
Dash Dash cotton/silk scarf Dash cotton/silk
Domino Sky cotton/silk neck scarf cotton/silk neck scarf
Domino Ginger cotton/silk neck scarf cotton/silk neck scarf
Raven Raven indigo edge square mini scarf raven indigo edge detail
Raven Pimento
Raven Peacock Bandana raven peacock
Archie Fuschia archie fuschia

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