Box Tops

Totally reversible tops. Hand printed on cotton silk, two layers are sewn together with a specially dyed hand-loomed cotton. Joyful machine stitching with a pocket on each side. Side slits for comfort. Two pockets on each side of the vest.

One size: Fits 2-12. Depending on your arm length - 3/4 sleeves, deep V finished with hand stitching. An all-season piece in PW layers - wear with a cami, a long sleeve T, over a shift dress, or with jeans - endless possibilities.  Wear your way.

Design Reversible - outside and inside
Scout Inky PW-140
Domino Storm PW-142
Scout Vest PW-141
Cups Mustard PW-144
Cups Indigo PW-143

 Care: Delicate wash.


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