Our story

Susy Pilgrim Waters and Keith Waters are partners in PilgrimWaters. Together, they create and manufacture a line of practical, beautiful products and surface designs, from tabletop to canvas and wool accessories.

Born and raised in Great Britain and now based in Boston, Keith and Susy’s range of home and apparel products draw on their professional backgrounds. Susy is an award-winning illustrator with clients such as Travel & Leisure, the New York Public Library and Crate & Barrel, and Keith has pioneered software in computer graphics. Their experience informs the modern, handcrafted aesthetic with expert fabrication of products crafted in the USA as well as overseas.

Functionality is key to PilgrimWaters – with color, natural materials and graphic elements coming together in products such as elegant scarves, tea towels and trays.  For updates, news and product features - sign-up for our newsletter below.