Textile production

We work closely with our selected artisans in India and Nepal to create PilgrimWaters' unique brand of apparel. Each design is meticulously created in close collaboration when we visit them on-site in the factory. Our modern aesthetic is blended with their exquisite handcraft skills to create truly unique one of a kind textiles. Susy's extraordinary large scale designs, with her attention to detail, bring scarves, dresses and throws to life just for you.

Creating a screen for printing in NepalBeing in the factory and engaging in the production is the only way to fully comprehend what it takes to create the final product. At each stage of production Master weavers, Printers and Finishers are employed. It is the firsthand experience which informs our modern design aesthetic. With a love of natural materials and working side-by-side with the local professionals we are able to blend our modern aesthetic with their handcrafted artisanal skills.

We know that our artisans are the core of our business. PilgrimWaters is not a fast fashion trend, but rather the rediscovering of a sustainable design and value system. Through our combined skills, we are endeavoring to reconnecting our design sensibility to the modern day.