Meet Susy Pilgrim Waters

Susy has drawn since she could hold a pencil.  Always fascinated by layers of colour, lines and emotions.  Susy is happiest engrossed in her work.  She grew up in England drawing on her rich heritage and family history in the arts.  A distant relative Luke Howard who named the clouds, the Curtis's famous botanical illustrators and also a very closely related to the Tanqueray family.  Her great grandfather William Curtis Green was a well known British architect who built the Dorchester hotel in London.

Her father was a forward thinking Minister who loved to paint and draw portraits, her mother a remedial teacher.  Her family of five grew up on home grown vegetables, holidays in Ireland and a bunch of practical notions about living.

SPW finds it hard to discipline herself to one thing.  Drawn to glass and furniture she started a B.A. degree in furniture.  It soon became apparent that her skills was more suited to surfacing design applying colour, print and textures to all manner of surfaces.

She studied printed textiles gaining a non-precious approach to materials and scale that she has drawn on ever since.  While her children where small she made very practical funky hats and scarves making a small business with her sister Ali in Boston and the UK. The proceeds enabled her to study illustration with Lilla Rogers who became her illustration agent.  She found that illustration fed her love of design and telling stories.  Always ready to multi-task, Susy and Keith made lamps and lamp shades.  Keith was the builder of her large maple panels she paints on for restaurants, private commissions and art work.  Currently SPW is working with artisans in Nepal to hand weave and print pashminas.  She also has canvas bags produced and her handcrafted leather shoulder bags have been very popular. There is more in the works coming soon.

Her practical nature and love of design has a long history.  She has been making products for years and we are keen to launch our PW line!! 

Please visit back often as our story evolves.