Cashmere & merino small | Cosmos scarf

Our chic cosmos scarves are a tad smaller than our previous series. These designs have a lithographic hand drawn quality with an unsymmetrical pattern we cheerful name after our favorite planets and moons. The collection is aptly named cosmos and mars.

Cosmos has a natural playful grid, with a lithographic line and a sense of randomness. Mars has a long brush line that divides the space into a positive and negative landscape. Very musical.

Individually silk-screened in Kathmandu Nepal, our scarves are woven in two variations a 100% merino version and a 60% cashmere 40% merino blend.  Both variations allow the design to show though both sides.

Details: 66" L  x  22" W  (168 cm x 60 cm) 60% cashmere 40% merino blend, or 100% merino.  Each collection will have its own character and unique characteristics. Suggested care is dry clean only.

cashmere and merino cosmos early scarf Early
cashmere and merino scarf cosmos late scarf Late
cashmere and merino scarf mars dusk Dusk
cashmere and merino mars dawn Dawn
Gale merino scarf design Gale


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